Oil prices Fall

In running week,  a roughly more than 10% decline in oil prices to low $95.2 and then gained to $99.5

After Russia invaded Ukraine, WTI Crude Oil price moved to its highest levels at $129.40 and currently trades at $108

Brent Crude Oil price also moved up to touch its highest level at $138 and currently trades at $112.65

Technically, Chart shows that For the last 2-3 months, WTI  Crude Oil Price has had range-bound movements between  $124 and $93

Any side level breakout will lead WTI Crude Price to a high volatile movement that sides. Above $124, will show the price to $149 level and might also be $190. Below $93, the price will drop to $65 levels

Oil Price Forecast 2022

Oil Price is expected to reach a maximum level of $145 at the end of 2022