Ken Griffin's  Best 3 Strong Buy Stocks

By HAK News

GlobalFoundries (GFS)

A semiconductor contract manufacturer, it is the world’s fourth-largest chip foundry and has an about 7% market share of the $86 billion global semiconductor chip manufacturing sector

Griffin's 1st Stock

In Q1 results, the revenue of $1.94 billion, up 37% YoY with a net income of $178 million.

GlobalFoundries Stock forecast for the next 1 Year  GFS price can reach Max levels at $87. 

Integral  Ad Science  (IAS)

A digital media and advertising tech firm, mainly in the analysis of digital marketing, ensuring that ads and media are properly targeted for effective context and viewing by real people.

Griffin's 2nd Stock

In Q1 results, revenue increased 33% to $89.2 million compared to $67.0 million YOY. Griffin’s bought up 247,416 shares of IAS in Q1-22

Integral Ad Science Stock forecast for the next 1 Year IAS price can reach Max levels at $21.

Latham Group (SWIM)

a consumer discretionary spending company that designs, manufactures, markets, and installs in-ground swimming pools and boasts.

Griffin's 3rd Stock

In Q1 results, Net incomes rose 34% to reach $70.7 million, Griffin bought this stock to the tune of 647,270 shares in Q1-22.

Latham Group (SWIM)  Stock forecast for the next 1 Year SWIM price can reach Max levels at $16


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