Joel Osteen's  Net Worth

Joel Osteen was born on March 5, 1963, in Texas, USA. He is 58 years old now at current.

Joel is a televangelist, author, and well-known pastor from the United States.

Joel Osteen's father founded the Lakewood Church, which formerly serving as a pastor, 

Joel is also the author of numerous US best-sellers. It was considered that his books were best sellers.

The estimated net worth of Joel Osteen is about $110 million.

Joel Osteen's  Net Worth

Joel Osteen has a $5 Million yearly income, as of 2022, which comes primarily from his status as a famous pastor.

Joel Osteen is the owner of Lakewood Church, which has a $70 million yearly revenue.

Joel Osteen owns a 17000 square feet House near River Oaks which looks like a Palace and was valued at $10.5 Million in 2010.

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