US Fed Rate Hiked Further 0.75% Interest Rate in July meeting

On 27 July 2022, To fight rising inflation and for Economy balanced, the Fed raises 0.75% more interest rates

As June inflation data was higher than expected went up to 9.10%, FED authorities decided to take a more aggressive approach.

The labor market is extremely tight, and inflation is much too high

The hike reflects increased expenses for not just fuel and food, but also rent, airlines, and a variety of other services

The rate increase is expected to pushing up rates for credit cards, home credit and other loans. 

Fixed, 30-year mortgage rates have jumped to an average of 5.54% from 3.22% early this year.  

The Dow Jones Jumps about +436 points and also S&P 500 react positive with +102 points higher, after Fed Meeting.