Bitcoin Price falls more than 55% in last Sixth month

Price Prediction 

The most popular CryptoCurrency falls more than 55% in the last six months. In November peak of @ $65,000, falls at $25,401 and currently trading at @ $30,000

Bitcoin’s sudden price plunge is due to racing of get money fast out of the market, as investors from small to large stakes in the crypto all are like to move out to avoid the big crash.

According to one Analyst group, more than 3.15 billion dollar in value has been moved into or out of Bitcoin exchanges in recents past week

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin, There will be a strong resistance at  $33,300 and next strong support will be at price to @ $19,675

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022

According to technical analysis for Bitcoin price prediction, in 2022 to touch Max at $39,300

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