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5    best stock to buy right now for high returns

Numerous financial statistics are used to determine the best stocks to buy. These stocks appeal to us as long-term investments for 2023 and beyond 

The factors that may have the greatest impact on decline of price in the short term, are inflation and the American recession.  Make your own investing analysis before acts.

Stock Price: $94.13 Market Caps : $975 Billion Avg Volume (1M): 89.843M Price CAGR 5Y: 9.50% Listed At : NASDAQ

1st Stock

Shopify Inc.

Stock Price: $46.06 Market Caps: $47 Billion Avg Volume(1M): 23.41M Price CAGR 5Y: 30.48%  Listed At : NYSE

2nd Stock

Tesla Inc.

Stock Price: $194.86 Market Cap: $614 Billion  Avg Volume(1M): 91.078M Price CAGR 5Y: 56% Listed At : NASDAQ

3rd Stock


Stock Price: $320.41 Market Cap: $141 Billion Avg Volume(1M): 9.312M Price CAGR 5Y: 10.40%  Listed At : NASDAQ

4th Stock

Walmart Inc.

Stock Price: $153.22  Market Cap: $417 Billion Avg Volume(1M): 7.422 M Price CAGR 5Y: 9.63% Listed At : NYSE

5th Stock


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