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3 Best Lithium Stocks for long term

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Here we give the 3 Best American Lithium Stocks, which are good potential for high growth and will likely give good returns in long-term investments.

Lithium is the main important metal for making power batteries. Lithium battery mainly used in electrical vehicles and mobiles. As since years, the world is facing global challenges to environmental climate change. CO2 emissions increasing in the world day by day, and the main producer of CO2 is our industries and transportation vehicles. To tackle this challenge, the world started to reduce CO2 emissions, by replacing electrical vehicles instead of gasoline vehicles. So electrical vehicles, sales globally see vast growth, and this growth will continue till the world does not replace all gasoline consumption, in transportation. Globally electrical vehicle sales increased by 50% to 60% in the year 2022., A massive change occurs and this will continue for years to come.

So behind electrical vehicles sale, consumption of Lithium batteries demand also increases drastically. Lithium is the main metal for electrical batteries, and the high demand for Electrical batteries has increased the Lithium metal price to a very high level, about 600% in the year 2022, which is the scene in the chart below.

Lithium price chart
Lithium Carbonate price chart

There is so many small and big company in the world that produce refined lithium, but the demand remained very high against the limited supply, and the demand will always remain in the future also.

Here we give you the best 3 Lithium Stocks details, which produce lithium on a large scale. The stocks given are the best investment bet and have a high potential for providing good returns in the future.

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3 Best Lithium Stocks for long term

1 > Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB)

Albemarle cooperation is the world’s largest producer of lithium, bromine specialties, and catalysts.
The Company is the largest supplier of lithium electrical vehicle batteries manufacturing company. The company is highly active in Lithium mines based in Nevada, U.S.

The company expects to grow its revenue in the current year by about 68% over the past year and net income is expected to grow by about 600% over the past year, this will be a good number which company is achieving this year. And the analyst expects the same growth in the coming next 5 years.

Technically, the stock price of the company recently made a high on November 11, 2022, about $334.55 expecting good earning data. Currently, the stock price running downside at 30.36% from an all-time high of $334.55 and currently running up 37% from the 52-week low.

The major trend of the stock is a bullish, very short-term trend of the stock running downside and might be retraced to $190 to $160, which will be the best opportunity to invest for long-term investment, the potential for the rising of the stock is very high in the future.

2 > Levent Corporation (NYSE: LTHM)

American-based company the Levent Corporation manufactures a very high variety of lithium products, which are basically used in Lithium batteries. The company has its footprint in Argentina, and Canada also.
The analysts expect, Levent corp company will grow about 85% in revenue this year, over the past here, and expect to increase its net income by more than 1200% over its past year, this will be bumper financial data for the company.

Technically company stock price running down around 42% from its all-time high of $36.38 and running upside about 15% from 52 weeks’ low.

The monthly chart of stock price dedicate that the major trend is an upside, but the very short-term trend is running downside. The stock price may retrace to the golden ratio of 0.618% Fibonacci level around $16.5, which will be the best opportunity for investors to invest in the long term. The future data of the company looks very very bright, and analysts also forecast a good future projection for the Livent corporation.

3 > Lithium America (NYSE: LAC)

Lithium America company yet to produce any revenue and earnings, despite a good production of lithium. The company reported negligible revenue and negative net income. But the analysts project good revenue and net income data for the company in the coming next five years.

Lithium America’s stock price has grown by 19.5% CAGR in the last 5 years, giving about 175% of the return.
Technically in the given monthly chart, LAC is currently down about 48% from the all-time high of $41.56, on November 30, 2021.

The major trend of Lithium America is bullish, but the very short-term trend is currently running down. If anyone finds a price between $17.5 to $15 then it will be a good opportunity to go for long-term investment. Analysts expect the high potential for the stock to go upside in years to come.

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