Nifty Prediction Today - 25 November 2021

Nifty Prediction for Today – 25 November 2021

Nifty Prediction for Today – 25 November 2021

Nifty Prediction for Today – 25 November 2021
Nifty Prediction for today

Nifty Prediction Today – 25 November 2021: On Wednesday, The nifty gap up Open at about @ 50 points at 17,550.05. Then started rising slowly gained additional @ 50 points to make High 17,600.60 @ 1.30 PM and started falling sharply and heavily to Low at 17,354.00. Thereafter recovered and finally Close at 17,415.05 with a Negative 88 point Down.

Nifty Technical Analysis: Technical Analysis tells that Nifty is still going in a Bearish Trend.

As stated, Nifty missing good strength. Yesterday, the Nifty drops sharply after touching resistance between 17580 and 17615. Now If Nifty Cash moves above 17615 then only Nifty will get strength otherwise it will weaken more. Resistance will be the now at 17615 and 17750.

In the chart, Super Trend in short term now get Positive Trigger and but RSI did not confirm Positive Trend as not cross 60 marks. At the closing session, RSI is below 40 Marks, which indicates of Bearish Trend so overall indicates a Weak trend. Now Super Trend support line is at 17345  any hourly Candle close below 17345, Super Trend will get a bearish trigger.

Only close above 17615 and RSI above 60 can change trends to positive.

Yesterday, Nifty Cash is still running bearish with the new LH level at 17600. Only above 17600 trends will change.

Support and Resistance Line plotted on a chart to understand more trend confirmation.

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Nifty Support and Resistance

Close :  17,415.05

Pivot Point Level: 17,505

S1 – 17,385R1 – 17,455
S2 – 17,310R2 – 17,510
S3 – 17,260R3 – 17,560
S4 – 17,210R4 – 17,635
Nifty Support and Resistance

Bank Nifty Prediction for Today – 25 November 2021

Bank Nifty Prediction for Today – 25 November 2021
Bank Nifty Prediction for today

Bank Nifty Prediction Today – 25 November 2021:  On Wednesday, Bank Nifty also gap up Opened @ 110 points at 37,384.75 and marked the intraday Low at 37,238.05. Then moved strongly upside till @ 12.55 PM and make a High at 37,891.90 about @ 650 points from Low. After that, started falling heavily @ 550 points to 37330 and finally Closed at 37,441.95 with a positive 169 points UP.

Bank Nifty Technical Analysis: Technical Analysis still indicates that Bank Nifty is still in a Bearish trend.

As the Chart shows, Bank Nifty missed the positive strength as stated Yesterday, the Bank Nifty drops sharply after touching intraday High 37,891.90 level. Resistance now will be at 37895, 38255, and 38410. Now If Bank Nifty Cash moves above 37895 then only it will get stronger otherwise, it will remain weak.

In Chart, Super-Trend turned to Positive Trigger and RSI indicator moved between 50 and 60 marks but at the closing time it is just above level 40 marks, which indicates some minor strength balanced in the trend, but RSI is still in a bearish trend. Super trend line Support line remains at 37120. Any hourly Candle close below 37120, Super Trend will get a bearish trigger.

Only close above 37895 and RSI above 60 can change trends to positive.

Yesterday, Bank Nifty make the New LH at 37895 and continued the LH-LL bearish structure.

Bank Nifty Support and Resistance

Close :  37,441.95

Pivot Point Level: 37,525

S1 – 37,155R1 – 37,810
S2 –36,870R2 – 38,175
S3 – 36,545R3 – 38,505
S4 – 36,215R4 – 38,830
Bank Nifty Support and Resistance

Today Market Prediction: Today Overall Nifty Cash and Bank Nifty will likely remain in Rang Bound to Bearish trend.

FIIs and DIIs Data

In the Cash market

DateGross PurchaseGross SalesNet Purchase/Sales Net Purchase/Sales Gross Sales Gross Purchase
FIIs Net in Crores DIIs Net in Crores
24 Nov 20219,608.514,731.1-5,122.63,809.63,7287,537.6
Last 30 Days179,003.7217,743.9-38,740.326,364119,195.6145,559.6
FIIs and DIIs Data

Stock News

> SGX Nifty Today : +20 at 8.30AM

On Wednesday: India VIX Down by -5.11 % at 17.095 (Previous was at 18.015)

> Securities in F&O Ban for trade Thursday, 25th Nov 2021:  ESCORT and IBULHSGFIN

> Jhunjhunwala-backed Star Health IPO to open on Nov 30, price band fixed at Rs 870-Rs 900

> Lykalabs Ltd: Ipca Laboratories Limited Buy 4800000 Shares @ Rs. 130.4

> Pidilite Industries: Madhumala Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, to acquire a 19.51% stake in Constrobot Robotics for Rs 1.56 crore. Constrobot is engaged in the business of research, development, manufacturing, and trading of robotic equipment and related software to be used in construction activities.

> Coal India: The company said rising costs mean it’s inevitable that it will be forced to hike prices of supplies in long-term deals to protect profitability. The state-run company is facing pressure from high diesel prices and an increase in salaries of employees due retroactively from July. The higher costs threaten to eat into investor returns and potentially hinder its investment in mines and logistics infrastructure.

> Ramco Cements: Commissioned a Waste Heat Recovery System at newly commissioned Third Line at its Jayanthipuram Plant. This will help the company generate 5 MW Of additional power from waste heat taking the company’s total power available from waste heat to 21 MW.

> Arvind: Promoters (Aura Business Ventures Llp and Aura Securities) sold 26.88 lakh shares between November 18-24.

Very Soon will start Nifty and Bank Nifty Option Analysis ….

And also Many more… Analysis


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