Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021

Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021

Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021

Nifty Prediction 03 December 2021 – On Thursday, Nifty Cash opened flat at 17,183.20, after making an intraday Low at 17,149.30 then continued buying without correction to make a High of 17,420.35 about 270 points gained from Low and Finally Close at 17,401.65 about 234 points Positive UP.

Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021
Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021

Nifty Technical Analysis: Technically, On Wednesday, Nifty cash was in Sideways Trend and but Yesterday, Nifty Cash purely gets a signal of a Positive Trend. Nifty Cash crosses the crucial 17340 Level and also close above that level also.

> In Chart, Resistance will be at 17570, 17605, and then 17815, and Support will be at 17215, 17125, and 17060.

> In Chart, on yesterday’s closing, Super Trend continued holding Positive trigger. RSI now moves above 60 Marks which confirms the Bullish Trend. Now both indicators indicate Bullishness. Now Super Trend Line rises to 17125, which always acts as a good Support.

> New High made above previous LH level 17325 which indicates that Structure LH-LL is now ended and New Bullish structure HHHL is initiated. Now, if HL 16935 does not break, the structure will remain in a Bullish structure.

Nifty Support and Resistance

Close :  17,401.65

Pivot Point Level: 17,325

S1 – 17,275R1 – 17,411
S2 – 17,225R2 – 17,495
S3 – 17,140R3 – 17,545
S4 – 17,055R4 – 17,595
Nifty Support and Resistance

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Bank Nifty prediction today 03 December  2021

Bank Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021 – On Thursday, Bank Nifty, slightly gap down opened at 36,281.85 and started fallout to make Low of 36,166.70. Thereafter Bank Nifty started sideways and make High at 36,563.50, Finally Close at 36,508.25 about 143 points Positive UP.

Bank Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021
Bank Nifty Prediction Today 03 December 2021

Bank Nifty Technical Analysis: Technically, Bank Nifty has weak strength than Nifty. The Structure of Bank Nifty still indicates of Sideways trend. To get strength Bank nifty Cash should cross and close above 36775 level.

> Resistance will be 36775, 37105 and then 37490. Support now will be at 36040, 35720 and then 35515.

> Super Trend still continues to hold a Negative trigger. RSI also still managed above 50 Marks and but did not cross the 60 Marks. Now only cross above 60 marks will make a trend on the Bullish side. So Still both indicators do not show the strength and indicate the Side Ways market. Super Trend Line moves still at 36530, Only Hourly candle closes above 36530, will change the trend to positive.

> Bank Nifty Cash continues to hold the bearish Structure LH-LL. only a break above 36775(LH) will change the Structure to Bullish.

Bank Nifty Support and Resistance

Close :  36,508.25

Pivot Point Level: 36,415

S1 – 36,260 R1 – 36,655
S2 – 36,010R2 – 36,810
S3 – 35,620R3 – 37,200
S4 – 35,420R4 – 37,405
Bank Nifty Support and Resistance

FIIs and DIIs Data

Figures of the Cash market

DateGross BuyGross SellNet Buy/Sell Net Buy/Sell Gross Sell Gross Buy
FIIs Net in Crores DIIs Net in Crores
Dec 2021
Last 30 Days213,606.1256,981.3-43,375.235,283.9107,728.7143,012.6
FIIs and DIIs Data

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