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Globalization Partners reviews, a leading Company for Global EOR and PEO

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Globalization Partners reviews | Employer of Record

Hi, Welcome to our website Today’s article is on Globalization Partners reviews, its backgrounds, Revenue, and how globalization partners working for the U.S., U.K, Australia, and internationally work with leading remote teams.

Globalization Partners was founded in 2012. headquarters is located at 265 Franklin St.. Suite 502, Boston, Massachusetts, 02110, United States. Globalization Partners’ founder is Nicole Sahin. Bob Cahill is the current Chief Executive Officer-CEO of Globalization Partners.

What does Globalization Partners do?

Globalization Partners is a worldwide Employer of Record (EoR) for foreign employees and Global PEO services. The company is the best international services and International payroll provider, which helps onboard employees for pays in-country taxes at the local level and assists employers in managing a multinational staff without having to deal with complex legal issues and also without any additional costs.…company also manages many more. Globalization Partners EOR services are accessible in 187 nations.

For companies who looking to grow operations across numerous international marketplaces, Globalization Partners is the best option to choose.

If you need to engage and pay international contractors, Campany has a good contractor package with monthly rates starting at $49 per worker, as well as EOR and global recruiting services priced are charged individually. Real-world users of Globalization Partners also consistently admire its customer care.

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Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners

How do Globalization Partners differ from others?

FeaturesNearest CompetitorsGlobalization Partners
Comprehensive approach
Accessible in 187 nations.NoThe entire world is at your command.
Global entity infrastructure created and staffed internally by top-tier legal, HR, and tax professionalsNoUse one approved partner to ensure compliance
Consolidated invoicing and fair pricingInconsistentKnow what to anticipate each month.
There are local and regional authorities available. 24/7InconsistentCommunication with our local, in-house HR professionals is streamlined, and we maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating.
The help desk for you and your international teamNoQuick response times will help you get your questions answered.
The platform for end-to-end technologiesInconsistentWorldwide accessible through desktop or mobile devices, one quick, secure login
Automatized employment agreementsNoDigital options that allow issuing offers to qualified candidates rapid, legal, and simple
Using a smartphone app, time and expense management is simple.Inconsistentworldwide employees have a seamless experience.
With a GDPR-compliant solution, employee data is protected.InconsistentNo longer keeping the information in spreadsheets and emails
Simply click anywhere to add headcount.NoControl your growth timeline to scale more quickly
Keep your intellectual property under the legal ownershipInconsistentWith a solution created by an excellent legal team, you can keep control over one of your company’s most critical assets.
Preferred partner of significant payroll providersNoIn the market, the most reliable brand
Vetted and approved by famous employment law firms and analyst companiesNoMarket pioneer operating internationally since 2012 and designed to grow with you
Proven financial stabilityNoA $150 million minority investment in January 2020 guarantees a healthy cash position and gives you peace of mind that your team is safe.

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Who are the competitors of Globalization Partners?

Latest Globalization Partners News

> Globalization Partners rebrands as G-P

> Globalization Partners creates 75 roles in the new Northern Ireland tech team

> US global employment industry leader G-P creating 75 jobs in NI


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