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What is an Employer of Record (EoR) ?

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Welcome to another genuine article by HAK News Today in this post we will discuss the Employer of Record.

Expanding a global presence is a natural and savvy move for any growing business. Hiring international talent is an excellent approach to tapping into new foreign markets.

When a business hires an employee, it assumes responsibility for all functions, salary, costs, and liabilities associated with hiring that employee. But there are also many businesses, that want to stay away from all these responsibilities. For all this, there is only one solution, the Employer of Record (EoR).

Employer of Record EOR services was once popular in the US for temporary, janitorial, and cleaning employees, but they are now widely used in many sectors of the economy.

What is a Global employer of record (EoR)?

An employer of record (EoR) is a firm that permits businesses to lawfully interact with employees across international borders without the need to establish local entities or run the risk of breaking local employment rule regulations and takes on all employment-related duties and responsibilities on behalf of businesses, making it the entire legal employer of your staff. While you maintain and manage the day-to-day operations, an EoR assumes the company’s human resources obligations and hires, pays, and manages your supported personnel.

Which Services does an Employer of Record provide?

The employer of record provides the services below:

What is an Employer of Record?
  • Creating and processing the employment agreement.
  • Payroll processing and funding.
  • Filing and submitting payroll taxes.
  • Handling unemployment.
  • Taking care of workers’ compensation or other comparable insurances.
  • Gathering and handling time sheets.
  • Creating and upholding employment agreements.
  • Employee orientation.
  • Keeping the current insurance certificate.
  • Providing pension plans.
  • Conducting background investigations and drug tests.
  • Providing guidance on regional employment laws and customs.
  • Laying off workers.

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Do I need an Employer of Record?

You do require an Employer of Record if you want to be completely compliant without obtaining a degree in international employment law. You cannot get assistance from multinational payroll service providers or HR consultants that do not specialize in Employer of Record services.

How are an EOR and a PEO different from each another?

The key distinction between EOR businesses and PEOs is that…
As the name implies, EORs will seem like employers on paper. However, you continue to be in charge of their everyday operations and bear responsibility for them. on the other side, PEOs do not appear on any of the records of your employees. They are only there to help their client take over the human resources division.

EOREmployer of Record – What are they? and Why Do you need one?

Best Employer Of Record (EOR) Firms Websites to Consider For HR Outsourcing

At last …
Remember though that an Employer of RecordEoR functions differently than a PEO, and can mean giving up some of the control of the human resources that you may be used to. Do some deeper digging to see what the right solution is for your needs.

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