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Hindiallkuchh.com – Blog

Our aim in creating Hindiallkuchh.com is to give Ideas & some knowledge about the Stock market, finance ideas, business ideas, motivation ideas, health fitness, and also subjects like Vedic astrology.

Acharya Chanakya has said that…

Education-Knowledge is man’s best friend and an educated person is respected everywhere.”

In the Stock market and CryptoCurrency, nowadays many people invest and trade. But 90% of those people are such that they do not have any knowledge of the Stocks and Crypto market and it is the same people who lose the most money in the share market. Therefore it is necessary to have knowledge of the markets from basic to advanced levels. In this blog of ours, we will try to give all this information about CryptoCurrency and Stocks analysis of the USA Stocks and India also.

In the Finance Ideas section, all the ideas related to finance, such as Financial Planning, Investments, Passive Incomes, Magics of Compounding, and many more. Whatever knowledge we have, we will share everything in this blog.

In the Business Ideas section, we will try to give you ideas to start different small to big businesses offline – online. Will try to give information on online businesses such as blogs, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, online store, drop-shipping, and many more.

In the Motivation section, we will tell about motivational thoughts, ideas, and stories, which will be quite inspiring to you and will also make your mindset strong.

In the Health fitness section, we will give information about some yoga-pranayama exercise tips and ayurvedic home remedies for body fitness. Which can be very useful to you.

In the Vedic Astrology section, we will try to give the knowledge of our ancient Vedic Astrology from basics to advanced levels and also the Astrology Remedy in this section. How Vedic astrology is used for Stock markets, is also going to discuss in this section.





After a lot of experiences, We thought that We should start a blog. We have been associated with the Finance field for almost 10 years. Through technical and fundamental analysis of the Stock market, we do my own investments and trading.

Our professions are Stock market Trading & Investments, CryptoCurrency, Finance idea, and Business related ideas. And for many years we have been very interested in Vedic astrology. We have also studied a lot in Finance astrology, which we going to give details information about in this blog. We always keep getting knowledge of the latest trend going on in finance, which We will share in this blog.